Koren Development Company is a full service development and management
organization, which utilizes technical proficiency in all aspects of land development, to
create optimum values and favorable positions in land.

Establishing value and increasing it exponentially over time is the most important service
that KDC provides. KDCís ability to accomplish these services is based upon industry
knowledge, value engineering as well as their ability to obtain zoning entitlements and
plan acceptance. Their skill level is carried forward through the construction and project
closeout phases. In the early stages of a project, KDC undertakes a feasibility analysis which
defines a projectís available paths. This site review entails studying zoning classifications,
related environmental issues, project constraints, the market and financial impacts.

KDC may engage other professionals such as attorneys, engineers and planners to
specifically help establish the project. Many of KDCís employees are Professional Engineers
(PEs) who have the ability to control phases which include the plan approval process, the
contractor bid process, scheduling and construction so all possible advantages are obtained
and field changes are minimized.

Budgets, cost control initiatives and other management reporting systems are vital services
that KDC provides. Security release and managing the dedication of facilities for public
use are important steps in the completion of the development process. These are given full
priority by experienced professionals.

Above all, KDC maintains an open and honest dialogue with clients, land sellers, public
agencies, contractors and the community at large. This positive trait along with KDCís
work ethic, real estate competence and business savvy insures that goals and objectives
are met and the governmental authorities and community are satisfied and pleased with
the work product.