“To understand the innovation of Koren Development, I invite anyone to spend an hour at Piney Orchard. Koren Development is led by a visionary, Steve Koren. Three county executives ago, when the development began, Piney Orchard was a ‘pie in the sky’ concept, so ahead of its time in offering a rich array of amenities, innovative water management, and diversity of ideas and housing styles. But Koren Development thinks about the future, is such an erudite, knowledgeable company, and is so devoted to building a sense of place and community, that they insisted the project be developed in the right way. Because they know governmental policies and issues, the engineers at Koren collaborate so well, making them wonderful partners. We are fortunate to have a developer of the visionary caliber of Koren Development. ”

“Koren Development is dedicated to quality on every project. They understand issues more readily. Their wealth of experience, knowledge and focus gets the job done well and they are a testament to their commitment to excellence.”

“For ten years, Florida Rock Industries, Inc. has used Koren’s full range of development services including budgeting, planning, zoning and marketing. They have consistently done an excellent job for us interfacing with political and community leaders to facilitate the development of properties. We have been very pleased with Koren Development’s services.”

“I have worked with Koren Development since 1989. Over the years I have found them to be fair-minded, willing to try new things, firm and unfailingly honest. They know the Baltimore County systems, partner well with everyone and deliver excellent quality on every project. On the current Greenspring Quarry site, we have walked the site together, sharing thoughts, looking for the most innovative approaches and that is the way they work—always establishing and maintaining excellent relationships.”

“Because it is the little things that matter, Koren Development focuses on getting the process going. Koren’s personal involvement with projects is among their best qualities and their pride in their work is particularly evident in a development like Piney Orchard.”

“I have enjoyed a long term relationship with Koren Development. Their engineers understand the most technical of development challenges and can deliver a solution. In Howard County, we are happy to do business with Koren Development.”

“I have known Steve for over 20 years. He is a man of impeccable integrity and tremendous ability; as my business partner he is the ultimate professional. Koren Development is the best land development company I have ever worked with.”

“Having worked with Koren for over 20 years, I can tell you Koren Development is the greatest. Steve Koren is a wonderful human being and Koren Development is one of the best in the business– honest, hardworking and professional.”

“As builder developers, Koren Development facilitates between land seller and purchaser. They know what they are doing, know processing through local jurisdictions, have excellent rapport with Anne Arundel, Howard and Baltimore Counties, are fair and honest. They are easy to work with, ethical and above reproach.”